Who we work with

Working with families and businesses worldwide since 2003


Who we work with

Please note that many of our nannies are bilingual/ multilingual. Simply specify the language and level of proficiency you require upon registration and we will ensure that you only receive a selection of candidates who meet your specific language criteria.

These indicative gross salaries / rates are based on roles in UK and worldwide and are a guide based on the experienced candidates we tend to work with and represent. For roles overseas, rates in specific locations may vary so please contact us to discuss rates in your region. We do not set rates, we merely reflect the expectations of the candidates we represent.

Daily Nanny

A qualified or experienced daily nanny comes to your home each day, on either a full-time or part time basis. Full-time nannies usually work around 10-11 hours per day (typically from 7.30am-6.30pm), depending on the circumstances of the position. Their main work will consist of nursery duties. If any light housework is required this must be arranged at interview (most qualified nannies will only carry out nursery duties). Baby-sitting is usually charged as an additional fee unless agreed by prior arrangement. If the nanny will be using her own car for work, a mileage allowance is normally agreed between both parties. A daily nanny will typically earn £16-25 per hour.

Live-in Nanny

A live-in nanny will generally work between 10 and 12 hours per day. Should more hours be required, this must be discussed and agreed at interview. Baby-sitting can be included within the salary, normally 1 or 2 weekday evenings. Extra evenings should be agreed at interview. Accommodation provided is generally own bedroom and bathroom and the cost of all food and bills (excluding telephone). The majority of nannies would also have full use of a car on and off duty. A Live-in Nanny will typically earn £13- £20 per hour.


A Nanny-Housekeeper be either Live-in or Daily (though usually Live-in), and will carry out duties as above, but also carry out some non-child related duties around the home, e.g. laundry, cleaning, ironing cooking etc. A Nanny-Housekeeper will typically earn £12-£20 per hour.


Mother’s Help/Junior Nanny

A Mother’s Help/ Junior Nanny can be either live-in or Daily (though usually live-in). May be a newly qualified Nanny with little sole charge experience, or an experienced aupair looking for a first ‘Nanny’ position. Will have a good attitude and be able to have some periods of sole charge, but will require more supervision than an experienced/qualified nanny. They will typically earn £10-£14 per hour.


A Nanny-Tutor or Governess is responsible for the educational, emotional, social, and physical development of the children under her care, thus providing a safe and stimulating environment. They will take sole or shared charge with the mother or another Nanny, performing some “nursery duties” as required as well as providing home tuition and liaising with schools, teaching manners and etiquette etc. They will typically earn £16-25 per hour.

Maternity Nannies / Nurses

Many of our Maternity Nannies/ Nurses are experienced with multiple births – simply request a Maternity Nanny/ Nurse with twins/ triplet etc experience upon registering with us and we will only send you candidates who meet this criteria.

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A Maternity Nanny/ Nurse is a childcare professional normally possessing extensive experience as a nanny for newborns or as a Maternity Nurse. A Maternity Nanny/ Nurse typically holds an NNEB or BTEC diploma, and might also hold Maternity Nurse-related qualifications such MNT or NEST. Maternity Nannies/ Nurses often start a position working 24/6. They will often settle into a 12 hour working day once the baby is sleeping through the night, but they will remain “on call” for the 24 hour period. A maternity nurse will provide expert support and guidance on all aspects of baby care and will usually work on a sole or shared charge basis with the mother or another Maternity Nanny/ Nurse, performing all “Nursery Duties”. She generally sleeps in the baby’s room and is responsible for all of the night feeds, waking when the baby wakes and sleeping when the baby sleeps. Maternity Nannies typically earn £300-400+ per 12/24 hr shift, although some may charge more.

Our Maternity Nannies/ Nurses typically hold one or more of the following qualifications:
National Diploma in Nursery Nursing N.N.E.B or B.T.E.C diploma
CACHE advanced diploma in child care and education
CACHE diploma in Nursery Nursing
CACHE certificate in childcare and education
Norland Diploma
BTEC national certificate in childcare studies
National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in childcare education, levels 1, 2 and 3
Montessori teaching diploma
NAMCW National association for maternal and child welfare
City and Guilds family and community care
Maternity nurse courses (NVQ Level 3)
St. Johns ambulance first aid course


Who we work with

A Governess is typically female, though there is an ever-increasing demand for men to perform this role, and they are referred to as a Governor.

A Governess/ Governor manages the educational, social and creative development of a child in a private household setting. As well as teaching all aspects of the curriculum (as appropriate to the age of the child and the country in which the child resides), the Governess/ Governor will also assist with the social and cultural development of the child, instilling appropriate etiquette, discipline and encouraging self-awareness and creativity. Typical salary expectation is £20-25 per hour, although some will charge more.

Main Duties of a Governess/ Governor:
Teaching the curriculum in core subjects such as English, maths, science, history, geography.
Foster the child’s educational, social, and creative development
Organize educational extra-curricular activities such as excursions to museums or art galleries, visits to the theatre or cinema, sporting activities and so on
Teach specialist skills such as playing a musical instrument, speaking a foreign language or mastering a sporting activity
Liaise with the parents, tutors/teachers, the nanny/ household staff regarding objectives, progress, development and the child’s schedule
Instill manners and etiquette in order to encourage the development of social and communication skills


A Tutor is professional child educator in a private household setting, working on both a live-in and live-out basis either full-time (if their charges are being home-schooled) or part-time (if their charges attend nursery/ school). Rates vary dramatically depending on education, duration of contract, number of hours, qualifications etc, and generally include time for out-of-hours preparation and marking – typically £35-70/hour, though those who are well qualified, with Oxbridge, Ivy League and Russell Group University as well as Maths, Sciences and/or GMAT and MBA coaching background may well charge more, especially for shorter hours.

Who we work with

They are responsible for the intellectual development (rather than the social or physical development) of their learners, teaching anything from the national curriculum to English as a foreign language. Tutors are not usually expected to perform any household duties. A strong educational background and formal teaching qualifications are usually required to perform this role.

Domestic Staff

Who we work with

Below are a selection of some of the roles we typically fill, although the list is by no means exhaustive:

House Manager or Major D’Omo

A House Manager, sometimes also known as a Major D’omo, is responsible for the management of a formal or multi-staffed household. The profile of a Household Manager will vary depending on the individual candidate and the specific needs of the household and Principal. The House Manager will usually have either worked previously in similar roles or alternatively may have been a Butler or PA.

The duties of the House Manager might include hiring and overseeing other household staff, managing special projects for the Household, booking travel arrangements, maintaining household security, running errands, managing the household calendar, bookkeeping and/or accounting tasks, planning and directing special events.

A strong educational background in addition to computer and accounting skills are usually required.

Estate Manager

An Estate Manager is typically responsible for the entire running of a private estate, usually multiple homes and or properties, sometimes located in different countries. An Estate Manager’s profile will vary depending on the individual candidate and the needs of the estate. An Estate Manager will usually have formal training and previous experience as a Household or Estate Manager. Formal education in addition to computer and accounting skills are commonly required, as well as a broad base of knowledge relating to general household management duties.

The duties of the Estate Manager might include organizing and running large household events, managing the household calendar, bookkeeping and accounting, managing designated building/maintenance projects, cooking and/or gardening for the home or homes, hiring and directing other household staff, booking travel arrangements, maintaining household security and running errands.

Private Chef

Private Chefs will usually plan and prepare food for parties and other social events as well as caring for the day-to-day dining requirements of the Family and possibly household staff. The Private Chef prepares gourmet meals in a client’s home. Private Chefs are responsible for all of the meal preparation and stocking of the kitchen including the ordering of the groceries. They are knowledgeable of different types of menus and the ability to accommodate special dietary needs is essential.

A Private Chef is also responsible for the organization and operation of the kitchen and the presentation and serving of the food. They may be required to assist with or oversee special functions or events. A Private Chef usually works among other household staff, and is very well experienced and qualified, often with experience in similar roles. They will usually have experience of many different international cuisines, but some families may also hire a specific chef for his particular knowledge of the food of one region or country.

Personal Assistant / PA

A Personal Assistant is responsible for working closely with the employer in the management of their household, personal and professional needs. The experience and background of a Personal Assistant varies depending on the individual candidate, but most Personal Assistants might be graduates in addition to having previous professional experience in a private home. They will generally also have strong computer and accounting skills.

The duties of a Personal Assistant might include making suitable travel arrangements, booking appointments and managing the household calendar, assisting in planning & organization of parties & other events, general errand running, managing the household accounts and liasing with suppliers and handling special projects


A Butler is a senior manager within a formal or multi-staffed household, usually in charge of only one residence. A Butler typically has professional training and formal experience in either a private household or prestigious hotel. A Butler can be a live-in or live-out employee, but most of our candidates are looking for roles with accommodation provided.

Typical duties of a Butler might include receiving Household guests on behalf of the Principal / Family, running the household and personal errands for the Principal, managing suppliers, making travel arrangements for the Principal and Family or other Household guests, security maintenance, assisting with the preparation and serving of meals and drinks, setting the table for formal meals, creating and maintaining household budgets, wine cellar management, scheduling maintenance of estate property including yachts, cars and related property.

Domestic Couple

A Domestic Couple is made up of two individuals (usually married) who work together as a team providing domestic and personal service for a household on a daily basis, usually for 5 or 6 days per week. Any combination of service is possible, based on the employer’s property and service needs. Some combinations we see most frequently are Caretaker and Housekeeper, House Manager and Cook, Nanny and Houseman, Personal Assistant and Chef.

Domestic Couple positions are almost always Live-in positions. These positions will take on the full responsibilities of running a household. Some of the duties that may be included would be: housekeeping, cooking, auto care, gardening, child care, event planning, expense reports, elderly care, and in some cases being the personal assistant as well. This position can entail many different responsibilities depending on the needs of the employer.

Executive Housekeeper

An Executive Housekeeper is someone who is hired by a household to oversee the overall cleanliness of a formal or multi-staffed household. An Executive Housekeeper has specialized knowledge in housekeeping, cleaning and caring for fine furnishing, Haute Couture, valuables and artwork. They usually have excellent English skills, and varied knowledge and experience within households.

Usually they will be responsible for the overall appearance of the household, including often supervising, training and assisting the other housekeepers in deep cleaning, laundering clothes and household linens, cooking and servicing meals, running errands, changing bed and household linens, keeping the household supplies stocked, polishing the silver, caring for household pets and general household projects.


A Housekeeper’s primary responsibility is to keep the home clean and presentable. Housekeepers may not have formal housekeeping training, but should have experience working in a private home. The specific duties and skills will vary depending on the size of the home and the candidate’s experience level.

Housekeepers work in all types of homes, from casual homes to formal, multi-staffed homes. Our housekeepers usually work on a live-in basis, full-time. They usually work alone, but should the needs of the home demand multiple staff, they may work as a team with other housekeepers. There is a wide range of duties that may fall under the housekeeper’s responsibilities.

Typical duties may include cleaning the interior of the home and the immediate areas outside, laundering clothes and household linens, cooking and serving meals for the household, assisting with the cooking and serving for special events, running errands including the grocery shopping, bed and household linens, polishing the silver and crystal etc, house-sitting while the employer is away, and very occasional childcare duties.


A Houseman is responsible for the “hands on” running of the home on a daily basis. A Houseman’s primary responsibility is to keep the home clean, presentable and running smoothly. The specific duties and skills will vary depending on the size of the home and the candidate’s experience level.

They might also carry out interior and exterior cleaning of the home, running household errands, maintaining household cleaning supplies, driving, party planning, serving, gardening and other projects. The responsibilities can vary greatly depending on the type of household and the employer requirements.


A Laundress will care for and maintain all of the clothing and linens in the home. A laundress is knowledgeable about the caring, storing and handling of fine fabrics. Other duties might include washing, ironing, steaming, mending and organising the client’s wardrobe and household linens. It also may include creating wardrobe inventory, storing garments and seasonal closet organization.


This position can be either one position or two separate positions depending on the needs of the employer. A driver will chauffeur family and guests upon request and are also responsible for the maintenance of all vehicles. A personal protection officer may be the driver, a chaperone, or may also be stationary at the residence, possibly working within a team. Security personnel will usually have some type of army or police background.

Additional Services

While Simply Private Staff are first and foremost a Nanny, Governess, Tutor and Domestic Staff recruitment business, our clients often ask us to recommend or assist with related services.

Click the titles below for a flavour of some of the additional services we are able to offer either directly, or through our very carefully selected Strategic Partners:

The best and quickest way to learn English is to be among English speaking people, and using the language all day. We can help arrange small groups of candidates for dedicated language learning, on a 2-6 week basis, usually in/around London. Courses are a mixture of classroom learning, social learning and fun, and the results can be incredible. We can also offer very intense one to one tuition in the UK for a period, including having the tutor available for tourist/sightseeing so that the learning is even more fun. This is a premium product and there are many cheaper options, but we believe our clients demand the very best, and we certainly aim to deliver with this package – whether it is for your child, with school English, or for business-level English tuition.

We appreciate that many of our clients are extremely busy and may need a bespoke recruitment service to ensure the highest possible level of success. In response to this, we have now launched our ‘Elite Childcare and Household Consultancy’.

A vastly experienced SPS Consultant will visit your home wherever you may be, work with you to define your exact staffing requirements, design and formulate a recruitment and interview plan, and work exclusively with you throughout the recruitment process. You will have support from this Consultant throughout the entire process, and they will have a very thorough and detailed knowledge of your exact expectations and requirements, any cultural aspects to be considered, your preferences, the nature of the role, your location, and the specific details which can ensure a successful placement.

With the extra detailed knowledge gained from the Consultancy visit, your Consultant will work to draw up a shortlist of candidates, and in some instances you may feel confident enough for that Consultant to conduct your interviews and provide you with detailed feedback, saving you time, money, and possibly speeding up the process.

This is a premium service, and would seem to work particularly well in staffed and larger households, or homes where the parents to travel regularly, but equally may be appropriate for other families with very specific requirements, or where there have been difficulties in hiring staff through other methods previously. 

Online tuition can be as inexpensive as you wish it to be, but we believe in delivering a premium level service, with formally qualified teachers/tutors who work very closely with you or your child to deliver a tailored programme ensuring your needs are fully met. We select the best tutors, and can work very flexibly to accommodate your specific requirements in terms of course content/objectives, lesson times and durations. Typical rates are around £35-£70 per hour online, with a full hour tuition, (many offer 45 minutes), and the teacher will also prepare before the lesson, and provide feedback afterwards. Lessons can be booked in blocks of 10, 20 or 40 hours, with significant discounts for larger bookings.

As we all travel more frequently, the need for children to travel alone also increases, whether it is for trips to/from overseas schools, visiting relatives, meeting up on holidays or a myriad of other reasons.

In this instance the airlines can help of course, but you may prefer a dedicated Nanny/Companion to travel with your child/children, ensuring a perfectly safe, secure, fun and problem-free journey, with assistance before, during and after the flight.

Our Airline Nannies are fully trained, experienced, and we have many bi-lingual nannies, ensuring that your child is in the best hands possible. All Nannies will have a current clear CRB, First Aid training, and hold a UK professional Nanny qualification.

Our fees are extremely competitive, but depend on each specific trip, so please contact us for more information regarding this service, and for a specific quotation relative to your individual circumstances.

There are over 2500 Independent schools in the UK, meaning there is a very wide range of potential schools to choose from – from the world renowned schools such as Eton and Westminster to hundreds of other fantastic schools across the country.

This is a service which requires expert knowledge and contacts, and we work with a leading UK Consultancy to ensure that your child secures a place at the very best available school or university, and is then provided with support whilst in the UK, if required.

We can also assist directly with preparation for school entrance exams, with the provision of either intensive English language courses in the UK, specialist tutors/teachers in your location, or live-in Governess / Governor, able to tailor a specific programme to ensure progress is made swiftly towards the goals required.

Whether you need formally qualified teachers with knowledge of the UK or US Curriculum, or TEFL / TESOL teachers for your language school, we can assist. We always have a good selection of qualified teachers and tutors available, for all locations worldwide, and can quickly and cost-effectively assist in your search. Prime locations include Russia/CIS, Asia, Africa, Brazil and Europe.

Many of our discerning clients overseas either have considered or may consider relocating to the UK– usually London and surrounding areas. We are able to assist, through our network of partner estate agents and property finders, with the search for potentially suitable property. Many properties are unadvertised, and by working with these companies and a specific brief from you, we can often help to identify properties that are suitable and may not have been found elsewhere. Property values can range from VIP residences in prime locations, at over £10 Million, to a small apartment/studio at under £1 million – all given the same care and attention to detail ensuring a smooth purchase.

Many of our discerning clients overseas either have considered or may consider relocating to the UK– usually London and surrounding areas. We are able to assist, through our network of partner estate agents and property finders, with the search for potentially suitable property. Many properties are unadvertised, and by working with these companies and a specific brief from you, we can often help to identify properties that are suitable and may not have been found elsewhere. Property values can range from VIP residences in prime locations, at over £10 Million, to a small apartment/studio at under £1 million – all given the same care and attention to detail ensuring a smooth purchase.

Childcare solutions and their relative success can often be a key factor in the wellbeing, happiness and longevity of an Employee’s stay with a company. We can work with HR departments to either offer discounted corporate nanny and household staff recruitment, or assist with relocation, particularly in key financial and legal/insurance roles in destinations such as Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Geneva, Zurich, Monaco, Moscow, China, Russia etc. We can also staff your work childcare facility with experienced and qualified nursery nurses if required.

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