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Working with families worldwide since 2003

We believe that the best way is to use an established agency specialising in the type of staff you are looking for and with experience in your geographical location. An agency like ours, for example! We are members of the REC, the UK’s recruitment industry body, and have been supplying staff worldwide since 2003, making close to 2000 successful placements. Many of the candidates we work with have been known to us for 5+ years, and some for 15+ years.

We specialise in recruiting UK, EU, and English/French-speaking staff for roles outside the UK, mainly in Europe and Russian-speaking countries, The Middle East, the Caribbean, and parts of Africa and Asia.

Many of the candidates we work with have been registered with us for many years or are referred to us by people we have been working with for many years, which gives us confidence in the application. We also use a variety of specialist job boards and typically register approximately 10-15 new candidates each week, depending on requirements.

The basic requirements are a detailed CV, ID verification, a minimum of 2 years full-time professional experience with at least two professional references to confirm, copies of relevant certificates as highlighted on the CV, including educational and professional qualifications such as Degree, PGCE, Nanny qualifications, Chef qualifications etc, a clear police check / DBS or be willing to obtain one quickly, driving licence if relevant, and other relevant documents. They also need a passport valid for at least nine months. The subjective element required is an understanding that working as an international nanny or staff member can be very rewarding but is also highly demanding at times, with flexibility, patience, compassion, and professionalism very much required and expected.

Once we understand your specific requirements and expectations, we can answer this question accurately. The cost will vary based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, previous earnings, location, days and hours of work, amount of flexibility required, etc. As a guide:

A qualified British nanny with 4+ years’ experience working a standard 5 or 6-day week x 10 hours daily, would expect a salary of approximately £150-200+ net per day, so £750-1200/week

A UK / French Governess with a degree and teaching/tutoring experience working a standard 5 or 6-day week x 10 hours daily would expect a salary of approximately £180-250+ per day, so £900-1500/week

House Manager rates vary dramatically depending on role etc, but typically from approximately £50-120k pa+

Private Chefs vary between £40-80k, though those with Michelin experience, working more days/hours, or higher profile can earn more than £100k.

Butlers typically earn from £40k – 75k depending on the specifics of the role. These figures are merely a guideline, and as an agency, we do not set any rates. We reflect the expectations of the candidates we represent. Some may expect less, some more, but this gives a representation.

As with any recruitment agency, we have standard terms of business covering our working relationship should you decide to use our agency. These are implicitly accepted if you use our service. We happily highlight our terms on the website at ….. and encourage you to check them before requesting us to search, as we will not negotiate at the end of the process. Our service is not cheap, and we make no apologies for that – we are good, and the fee represents the daily hard work our Consultants put in and the many thousands of pounds we spend each month sourcing the very best staff to represent. In short, we charge between 10-13 times the agreed weekly rate as a placement fee, payable before the start date, and a 13-week free replacement guarantee backs this. We have clients we have worked with successfully for 15+ years in some cases, and we enjoy long working relationships with many clients worldwide. The better we know our families, the better we can fulfil their requirements.

In short, the more information, the better. In a perfect world, you give us lots of information, we quickly formulate a shortlist of 2 or 3 candidates meeting your requirements, and you interview and employ one. Of course the process is generally longer – typically 2 weeks to 2 months – but giving us your specific preferences enables us to source the most appropriate candidates at the start. Many roles will evolve through the process as you realise some things that you thought weren’t important become more so, and vice versa. We encourage all feedback – positive and negative – as that will help point us in specific directions and lead us to the right person ASAP. We also encourage you to act as swiftly as possible, as good candidates don’t tend to wait too long and maybe interviewing with several families. The easiest way to start the process is to complete our free online registration form, which asks a series of straightforward questions which we can then elaborate on as needed. (link)

Once you register, your vacancy will be assigned to a Consultant specialising in the location and skills you require. This ensures we always have a good selection of potentially suitable applicants in mind and can work as quickly as possible. Your Consultant will contact you by whatsapp/email and will talk you through the process, ensure you are happy to proceed and work with you to find the perfect candidate as quickly as possible.

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