About Us

Working with families worldwide since 2003

We are a London-based nanny and private household staff recruitment agency specialising in placing high calibre, qualified staff within private households throughout the world.

With offices and a network of Consultants worldwide, including the main office in London, and more than 30 years’ UK recruitment industry experience.

We are confident in our ability to accurately address your specific staffing requirements and ensure that we make the best possible match between client and candidate.

We don’t believe in shoe-horning the wrong candidate into the wrong role for the sake of filling a vacancy, which is why we focus on ensuring that the expectations of the client and the candidate are compatible from the outset

Why Choose Simply Private Staff?


Would you like to hire a Nanny, Governess, other Household staff, or possibly hospitality, medical or finance staff? Have you tried other sources but not had the success you were hoping for? We have been recruiting international staff since 2003 and are confident we can help.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for offering a high-calibre, professional and personal service to our clients, and we enjoy a high volume of repeat business as a result. We appreciate that your time is precious and we make every effort to respond to our clients in a timely, meticulous and comprehensive manner, ensuring the recruitment process is as efficient and seamless as possible. Our priority is quality over quantity, and as such we will only ever send you the most compatible candidate profiles, providing ongoing advice and support to both our clients and candidates alike long after a placement has been finalised.

Our experience and our commitment to ethical, honest and professional practice has earned us the trust of many a repeat client.

Our Candidates

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, which is why we recruit and supply only the best Live-in and Daily Nannies, Governesses, Tutors and Household Staff. We are rigorous in our approach to screening, checking references, verifying qualifications and requesting a full criminal background check prior to placing a candidate with a client. Wherever possible, we meet with our candidates in person and invest considerable time in getting to know them and determining what makes them unique. We believe that identifying key qualities such as personality, individual skill set, and overall compatibility with a role is fundamental to building long-term, happy and collaborative partnerships between our candidates and our clients.

UHNW housekeeper

How We Work

All Candidates applying to register with Simply Private Staff are interviewed, ideally face-to-face, and sometimes via Skype. Qualifications and references are always verified, and we also ask to see proof of identity and a candidate’s original driving licence and passport for identification. We are a CRB/DBS registered organisation, and can assist the candidates in applying for an up to date CRB/DBS check, but as we are not the employer we cannot force a candidate to undertake the checks (although the vast majority of nannies do realise the importance of current police checks). We will, however, keep you advised as to the status of the nanny.

Upon receipt of your completed Client Registration Form, we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail, so as to accurately understand your expectations of the Candidate as well as any specific requirements that you may have, e.g. special dietary requirements etc. There is no registration fee, only a placement fee should a suitable candidate be placed with your family (see Terms and Conditions).

We will then discuss your position only with candidates that we feel may be suitable, and we will email details of those that express an interest. This way, you know that the details that you receive are only of suitable candidates already interested in the position that you are looking to fill, ensuring you don’t waste time browsing unsuitable or unavailable candidates

At this point, you can choose to either telephone interview or meet with our candidates in person. Once the interviews have commenced we will then contact you and the candidate for feedback. If both parties wish to take the application further we will likely suggest a second interview for candidates who work with children to meet with the children and discuss their routine etc. If the position is offered to the candidate and the candidate accepts the offer we will then discuss Contracts, Tax and National Insurance along with any other questions you may both have

As a UK employer, you will be required by law to pay your nanny’s Tax and National Insurance (Salaries quoted for Nannies were historically expressed as a Net figure but now tend to be a gross figure). This can be done either by contacting the Inland Revenue who will send you a starter pack to complete or alternatively we can recommend a specialist company that deal with all tax issues on your behalf, including P60’s and monthly pay slips if employing within the UK. If employing/engaging staff overseas then the laws of that country will usually apply.

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