Why Knowing your Niche as a Nanny is Important

As you develop as a career nanny there will naturally be things you’ll come to learn about yourself and your work. You’ll soon discover which age group of children you enjoy working with most, and what childcare approaches you align with. We know ‘niching down’ might sound a little corporate, but the reality is that being able to market yourself effectively as a nanny will ensure that your ideal family is able to find you.

It Allows you to Get Specific

Client’s love to get a quick snapshot of each candidates ‘nanny personality’ so maximize the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by highlighting what sets you apart. For example, do you have a passion for Montessori education and more holistic child development approaches? If so, say it! This would lead a potential employer to gather a sense of your personality – gentle, calm and intuitive. If this is what the family is looking for then they will instantly want to short-list your application. Our clients come to us with a very specific idea of what they want from their nannies and the cost is not an issue. To our VIP clients the main priority is finding a perfect fit so let your niche be known.

It Builds Trust and Connection

As humans we love to connect through common ground – it builds rapport and a genuine feeling of connection. As great as nannies are at juggling many roles and responsibilities it’s impossible to be all things to all people. When you focus on what makes you unique it shows that you’re reflective in your practice and know who you are. Clients love to see this because if their nanny has a strong self of self then this will naturally influence the children in their care. Being vague creates disconnect whereas knowing your niche creates feelings of trust and sincerity.

Makes you Stand Out

In a competitive job market it’s important to take time to get your application right. If you are a Maternity Specialist for example, create a CV that focuses on serving the needs of that client group. Spend time adding to your skillset with additional professional development opportunities that set you apart from the competition. It takes courage to develop a niche as a nanny because it means not being suitable for a wide variety of roles but the massive plus is that you will become a specialist in your chosen area and attract your ideal placement.

Creates a Harmonious Work Environment

Isn’t it just great when everyone knows exactly what they’re doing? VIP/HNW households constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of household operations. Knowing your niche as a nanny helps you to do your job and deliver when it comes to client satisfaction. When you know your niche you’re able to maintain the level of professionalism and efficiency that is expected. It allows you to establish positive relationships with fellow staff members, enabling effective teamwork and job satisfaction.

Greater levels of personal and professional fulfillment are guaranteed when you know your niche as a nanny. Not sure where to start when it comes to knowing your ‘nanny niche’? Start by thinking about which parts of your job bring you joy. What are the parts that fill your heart with happiness that you can’t put a price on? Start there and all will be revealed.

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