Key Qualities of an Exceptional Candidate

As a well established private household staffing agency we receive so many CV’s from talented candidates around the world. Presenting a flawless CV is the first step in standing out as an exceptional candidate in a competitive industry. However the way you represent yourself throughout the registration and placement process has a lasting effect. As recruiters, the key thing we’re alert to when registering new candidates is their attitude and etiquette throughout all communications – whether it’s via email, zoom, whatsapp or phone call.

To break things down we’ve compiled a list of our top five qualities that we look out for when recruiting high caliber household staff.


When a candidate gets in touch to register with us via our registration page there’s instantly a tick next to your name if you offer up as many of the requested documents as possible. This means taking the time to get things right and says a lot about you as an employee too. If you choose to upload the minimum amount of documents and certificates to register, you miss an opportunity to really impress one of our recruiters. If we can see that you have done considerable professional development, achieving additional certificates related to your field, it shows that you are passionate, committed and dedicated to your career.


Showing a courteous attitude throughout all communications creates a lasting impression and signals to a recruiter that you are professional and refined. A bolshy, pushy attitude instantly repels recruiters and would likely damage your chances of being put forward for roles. The word ‘polite’ is synonymous with VIP standards – respectful, well mannered and discreet. How you conduct yourself during the registration process sets the tone and offers an opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants.


When it comes to recruiting high caliber household staff, things can move very quickly when the client is presented with an applicant who they’re both impressed with and keen to interview. Working in a VIP/UHNW private household environment requires maximum flexibility and an eagerness to meet, and furthermore exceed, the clients’ expectations. An efficient attitude should shine through from the initial stages of the registration process, right through to being flexible regarding interview times and within all aspects of your placement.


When applying for roles it’s important to really think things through before registering your interest. Working in a VIP/UHNW environment, whilst paying exceptionally well, requires a lot of personal sacrifices in order to really excel in the role. Think carefully about whether this extraordinary way of life is for you – whether it fills you with both personal fulfillment and satisfaction. If it’s a yes, great – we can absolutely help you thrive in your career. When a candidate is ‘all in’ it shows – they’re eager to proceed to the next stage and their mindsets are focused on their passion for the work they do. As a recruiter this enthusiasm creates a synergy which leads to successful placements and happy people!


An underrated quality which simply put, makes you more likable as both a candidate and employee. Modesty exudes class and nobody likes someone who is full of their own importance. Remember that no matter how many super rich clients you’ve worked with previously or how highly educated you may be – a humble and gracious attitude keeps you grounded and gracious. So yes, know your worth and be confident in your abilities but remember that staff are there to serve, not to be in the spotlight.

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